Condizioni di vendita


The order process requires the customer to add items to their Shopping Bag on the website and then make their purchase by following the guided purchase process, which can also be done over the phone, if the staff is available.

During the order process, in addition to adding the items they wish to purchase, the customer will be requested to enter (or communicate over the phone) their billing information and delivery address. Please ensure you have correctly included all the required details, in particular as regards your delivery information, please indicate building number, floor, staircase, etc.

The customer assumes responsibility for the veracity of the details entered, and is aware that he or she will be legally prosecuted in the event of forged or falsified identity (identity theft) or the inclusion of untruthful or unusable billing information. In the case of mistakes, the customer may request to change the data they have entered, but only if the request is made before the details have been processed for accounting purposes.

Once the order process has been completed, “Rosanna Cattolico” will respond with an Order Confirmation as soon as possible, which shall include the total amount to be paid, a request for payment in the manner chosen by the customer and the payment details, which will be sent along with the email confirmation, as well as the delivery times and the shipping costs for the order in question (see Shipping page). Orders are processed within 24 hours, unless otherwise communicated in the order confirmation email, starting from receipt of payment.


Customers may only cancel their order after the order process has been completed under the following circumstances, if “Rosanna Cattolico”:

– notifies the customer that one or more items are no longer available or if the requested number of items in the order is no longer available;

– notifies the customer in the order confirmation email that the order processing times will be more than 24/48 starting from the receipt of payment, due to the transfer of goods from other warehouses;

– if the customer has not already paid for the order (in this case, the order will be concluded and it shall be subject to the terms and conditions governing the Right to Withdraw, see the following points).


For the convenience of our customers, “Rosanna Cattolico” offers multiple payment methods to meet all needs. The request for payment will be made during the Order confirmation phase, and payment details will be included based on the method of payment selected by the customer during the order process.

Paypal / Credit Card: Payment takes place at the same time as the purchase, following the guided purchase procedure, via a secure Paypal server.

Bank transfer: Payment details will be sent to the customer so he or she can carry out advance payment by bank transfer. For the aforementioned methods, order processing starts immediately after receipt of the amount credited to the “Rosanna Cattolico” account; for accounting purposes, documents attesting to Receipt of Payment or Transaction codes that are sent before the amount has been credited to our account will not be taken into consideration as regards order processing.

Payment for the order must be received within the number of days indicated on the payment page starting from the date the customer receives the Order confirmation email. Items will only be set aside for the customer for the period of time indicated on the payment page.

The reason for transfer or payment field must include the order number indicated in the Order confirmation email, as explained in the Order confirmation email itself. For payment by bank transfer, if the payment is not received within the period of time indicated in the Order confirmation email, the items awaiting payment will be made available again for sale and the order will be cancelled; the customer will first be reminded that payment is due via email, and will then be notified of the cancellation of the order.


In the case of private individuals who do NOT request an invoice by entering their Tax Code/VAT number in the appropriate field, no paper tax receipt will be issued, pursuant to Art. 22, Paragraph 1 of Presidential Decree No. 633/72 of the VAT Code on the regulation of mail order sales, where only registration for VAT payments is required.

For any claims/disputes, the order document shall serve as a valid receipt/proof of purchase, which is always sent to the customer both by email and in hard copy enclosed with their order package. A hard copy of invoices is sent in paper form at the time of delivery, and via email at the time of payment.


“Rosanna Cattolico” engages the services of various couriers for shipping. Throughout Italy, the cost of shipping is €7; in Switzerland, it is €30.

Shipping to all other countries costs €25. Any customs fees are not included in the cost of shipping. “Rosanna Cattolico” applies shipping insurance free of charge. Shipping insurance protects against loss or damage to goods during the journey.

However, if any damage is found upon receipt of the package, the recipient must sign “with reservations”, in other words, stating that the integrity of the packaging has been compromised. Complaints about potential damage will not be accepted if the delivery has been signed for and accepted without reservation.

Deductibles may be applied by the insurance companies providing coverage for the couriers involved. “Rosanna Cattolico” may act as guarantor for any potential compensation, without being required to notify the customer, waiving the insurance coverage applied by the Courier.

“Rosanna Cattolico” will, therefore, compensate the customer in the event of damage or loss in the same manner and by applying the same deductibles as the Courier’s insurance policy.

“Rosanna Cattolico” reserves a technical time of 24 hours (excluding weekends) for internal logistics and shipment preparation in addition to the shipping time declared by the courier, unless otherwise communicated during the order confirmation phase. “Rosanna Cattolico” is solely responsible for its own technical times.

The customer is hereby advised that “Rosanna Cattolico” shall not accept responsibility or provide compensation of any kind in the case of delays to delivery times due to:

• late payment, as per the purchase agreement

• delays to delivery due to problems caused by disruptions to transport.

The customer will not receive delivery of the package if:

• the address is unclear or incorrect (in the opinion of the Courier)

• the location of the address cannot be reached (in the opinion of the Courier)

• the customer is not present at the time of delivery twice, and refuses to communicate an alternative address for delivery, upon request by “Rosanna Cattolico”.

In each of the before mentioned cases, the customer shall receive reimbursement of the expenses incurred within 15 days, once the package has returned to our office (with the deduction of shipping costs and a deduction of up to 10% on the value of the goods). Please consult the shipping prices and times page for more information.




“Rosanna Cattolico” guarantees that the goods are intact and in working order at the time of packaging, since all our products undergo traditional, non-automated packaging and manual testing during the process. Therefore, all returns are subject to the terms and conditions of the Right to Withdraw Policy within 15 days of the date of delivery. Photographic documentation of the defect may be requested from the customer.

Once you have received a decision from us regarding your returns request, you may start the exchange procedure; you will be asked to affix a clearly visible, unique, return code on to the package, which will be communicated to you by “Rosanna Cattolico”.

Care must be taken to return the item following the same style of packaging as was received in the initial shipment.

The shipping costs shall be paid by “Rosanna Cattolico”, therefore, the customer should send the shipment using a cash on delivery service. It is not possible to return a defective product and exchange it for a different product, exchanges fall under the terms and conditions of the Right to Withdraw Policy; returns sent with cash on delivery labels will be refused if they do not clearly show the required code on the package.



Pursuant to the law (Consumer Code Legislative Decree No. 206/2005), customers may make a returns request on all purchased goods within 15 days from the purchase order, provided the products have not been used (first use) or opened (in case of hermetic seals, blister packaging, films and sealed plastic packaging).

After indicating your intention to make a return by email, the customer is required to send a request by registered post with return receipt to our office containing details of the goods and any relevant codes for the items being returned, the date and number of the invoice/order that includes the goods being returned.

Upon receipt of this registered letter, you will be asked to affix a unique return code, which must be clearly visible on the package, which will be communicated to you by “Rosanna Cattolico”. Care must be taken to return the item following the same style of packaging as was received in the initial shipment. The shipping costs and any insurance policy to cover the goods being returned shall be borne by the customer wishing to exercise their right to withdraw.

The Customer is responsible for the goods during the return process and is responsible for the payment of shipping costs; therefore, we advise all customers to insure the goods during shipment, we will not be held responsible for damage during the return process.

If “Rosanna Cattolico” receives return packages labelled cash on delivery (C.O.D), or without a clearly indicated return code, or without previously having received a return request by registered post, or a package that shows damage or signs that it has been tampered with, the latter will be returned to sender and the customer in question will not be able to exercise their right to withdraw. Refunds for returned orders will be made within 30 working days, exclusively by bank transfer.


“Rosanna Cattolico” is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage deriving from the use of the goods purchased from “Rosanna Cattolico” if they are used improperly and/or by people who are not technically capable of using them.

“Rosanna Cattolico” is not responsible for any damage caused to the goods or any other support or materials.

“Rosanna Cattolico” is not responsible for any damage to persons resulting from the use of the purchased products.

In case of incorrect use and ingestion of products, please consult a doctor immediately. Adults are required to supervise minors while using products purchased from “Rosanna Cattolico”.

For the possible termination of a purchase agreement deriving from disputes through civil or criminal proceedings, please refer to the Court of the Municipality of Naples.

Rosanna Cattolico Registered Office: Via Roma 19/21 – 80047, San Giuseppe Vesuviano VAT number: 03432171217