Jewelry Care

A jewel is forever, but you have to know how to take care of it. When we buy a jewel or it is given to us, the first thing we do is admire it in all its beauty and brightness and then we wear it.

There are jewels that we show off in everyday life and others that we wear only on special occasions and, in any case, they must be treated with delicacy and care, so that they can be kept in optimal condition for as long as possible.

To be able to enjoy the beauty of your jewels for as long as possible, follow these simple but valuable suggestions.

How to wear jewelry

The ideal is, before wearing a jewel, to check the correct functioning of closures / hinges and the stability of any semi-precious / precious stones set. This will reduce the risk of losing it if it has previously been accidentally damaged and will allow you to take remedial action by taking it to your trusted jeweler.

Always be very careful when wearing jewelery with semi-precious/precious stones, especially diamonds. The latter can scratch any other object (even other diamonds).

Avoid wearing jewelery both when going to sleep and during activities that may cause bumps and friction (e.g. housework and physical activity) that may affect the surface of the metal and/or any embedded semi-precious/precious stones, such as emeralds which are particularly sensitive. This rule also applies to the sea and in the swimming pool as salt, sand and chlorine are highly aggressive elements.

When using creams, perfumes and beauty products try not to wear jewellery, the metal could wear out prematurely. Jewels should always be worn after completing your look.

The jewels that mount the stones must always be removed by pressing on the gold and never on the stone to avoid the loosening of the setting and, therefore, the loss of the stone.

How to preserve and keep jewelry

To prevent bumps and friction, it is advisable to place the jewels individually inside a jewelery box with dedicated spaces and soft linings or inside soft bags.

It is recommended to keep jewels with pearls separate from other objects to prevent the surface of the pearl itself from being irreversibly scratched by continuous rubbing.

To avoid the formation of knots along the chains of bracelets and necklaces, it is advisable to always fasten the closure of the jewel before putting it away.

Keep all jewels away from situations of strong temperature changes as well as high humidity conditions that can accelerate oxidative processes.

How to clean jewelry

We recommend that you periodically have your jewels professionally cleaned by taking them to your trusted jeweler, who will polish them for you with the most advanced goldsmithing techniques.
We therefore recommend not to venture into “do-it-yourself” cleaning which could compromise the finish of the metal surfaces and scratch soft precious stones.

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